Limited team offerings this season due to COVID
u16  12/5/20
 u14 12/12/20
Practices T/Th
Unfortunately No u12 or u18 tryouts/teams at this time
Hope to see you soon!

Stumptown 12


Stumptown 14


Stumptown 16


Stumptown 18


Maximize your potential through hard work

Desire to play and willingness to get better is a big part of Stumptown's environment and philosophy. We are focused on training proper technique that stresses footwork, fundamentals and hard work, through fast pace, high volume reps, academy style teaching and practicing.

Positive results and progress is guaranteed to work, especially if you do..... 

As a USAV Jr Developmental Program and Non-Profit, Stumptown helps enhance social and emotional advancement on and off the volleyball court, through positive teachings' and reinforcement. Fostering work ethic and passion for the game of volleyball and life for all involved, regardless of race, gender or nationality. Free from bullying and harassment of any kind, Stumptown is and will remain an inclusive club.

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